butternut squash harvest

This is my butternut squash harvest this year! Minus the 3 I’ve already given away. 23 squashes – 60 pounds total. I’m looking forward to enjoying lots of squash this winter. I had 5 plants, I think. So that’s 4 or 5 squash per plant each averaging 2 1/2 lbs. The biggest squash are 4-5 lbs and the smallest ones are just over 1 lb. I think my yield is actually lower than what’s advertised for this squash. Seems pretty amazing to me! The variety I grew is the original…

winter squashes

Jarrahdale pumpkin (Botanical Interests) Waltham Butternut and Baby Pam Pumpkin This year I’m growing 3 types of pumpkins: Baby Pam, Big Rock and Jarrahdale. Also two winter squashes: Butternut and Lakota. I have lots of Butternuts so far! Maybe 8 or 10! Very exciting. Also several Baby Pan Pumpkins. The big squashes are just starting to bloom and set fruit. I have a couple Jarrahdales that have set fruit. I’m keeping an eye out for Big Rocks and Lakotas. I planted too many big squashes for my little plot. The…

what to do with zucchini (and other summer squashes)

My summer squash are coming in so fast I thought I’d get a list of ideas together of things to do with it. – grilled, with olive oil and herbs– grilled, chile-coated with honey lime dressing (Dan’s post with photo)– grilled with olive oil, salt and pepper (roasted or fried in sunflower oil works too), with a yogurt-garlic-dill sauce (a Bulgarian classic from Svetla)– zucchini risotto (I’m going to try this tonight and I’ll add the recipe!)– fried zucchini (maybe Friday night…)– squash carpacchio (raw zucchini with goat cheese)– stuffed…

my favorite summer squash – sunburst patty pan

This is my favorite summer squash. Sunburst. A yellow patty pan. Its delicious. And this year is producing a very heavy harvest. I have two nice plants and am able to pick almost a squash a day. Like zucchini, I have to keep an eye on them or they’ll turn into giants. Someone asked me recently about the difference between male and female flowers and the lower photos show both pretty well. I bet anyone can figure out which is which. (Hint: females have a squash below the flower.) The…

summer squash – big flowers on tiny plants

I’ve collected photos here of my squashes. From top: Zucchini Cashflow, Zephyr yellow squash, Anne Arrundale Muskmelon, Waltham Butternut, Crane Muskmelon, Sugar Baby Watermelon, Charentais Muskmelon, Jarrahdale Pumpkin. Not photo’d are Starship Pattypan, Sunburst Pattypan, Big Rock Pumpkin, and Baby Pam Pumpkin. Some look good, some have seriously suffered from slug damage. I started with 4 or 5 plants of each. Probably most disappointing is the single pant of Charentais melon I have left. 🙁 Some years I have big leafy squash plants and few flowers – this year lots…

Delicata squash seeds

I wasn’t planning to grow Delicata again, but I’ve changed my mind. Last night I baked two little squashes grown in my community plot last summer. Fantastic. Sweet and smooth. I’ve never tired this variety and didn’t expect it to be so good. I’m used to Acorn, which has stringer flesh and a squashier taste. So I’ve edited my planting list yet again. I think I’ll grow Delicata and Butternut this year for winter squashes. The Delicata seeds I grew this year were from a package my neighbor shared with…

pumpkin and gourds on the steps

I’m showing off my big pumpkin and three gourds! All from my garden (ooops – Skippy’s Garden). I love to see them sitting out on my front steps – bright and cheerful. Happy Autumn! Pumpkin (Cucurbitaceae spp.) Decorative gourds

birdhouse gourds

I am watching four nice birdhouse gourds growing in my gardens. I’ll pick them when the stems dry and turn brown or before a frost. They’re not quite ready yet. I looked up what to do with them and found this nice site: Birdhouse Gourds When dried, these gourds are nearly as tough as plywood… it may take anywhere from 3 months to a year before gourds are completely fry. After picking, set gourds on several layers of newspaper in a warm dry place. Hanging them in a sunny place…

pumpkin weight

Jeepers. It turns out the weight of my “giant” pumpkin is only 10.4 lbs…. 🙁 Well, it certainly looks more like a 20 lb pumpkin to me.

Skippy and the great pumpkin

For years I have been trying to grow a giant pumpkin. I am so pleased to harvest this beauty today! Here it is. Fully documented with photos. The variety is Big Rock, seeds are from Johnny’s. I grew four plants – two at my community plot and two at home. Only one fruit set – this one! It bloomed in late July at my community plot, grew fast, then turned orange this week. It was resting a rock and got a bit scarred on one side before a fellow gardener…