winter squash harvest

This is my winter squash harvest this year. Two pretty little Delicata squash. I look forward to trying these. harvests from my vegetable gardens

baby pumpkin

My first pumpkin is ripe! This is a variety called Baby Pam. It weighs just under 2 lbs (same as that giant yellow squash behind it). I’ve resorted to using my summer squash as decoration. I don’t know how long they will last in the basket on my porch. I was amused to read this post by Soilman: At this time of year, the house feels like a farm shop. There are vegetables everywhere. The pattypan courgettes have gone berserk. We can’t keep up. So the traditional question, “What to…

new potato and summer squash casserole

This is a fantastic casserole that I have made a few times now. Its a recipe I made up myself to use the abundant items in my refrigerator. I could eat it every night! Prepare: Freshly dug potatoes, any variety, washed and sliced thin (about 1/8 inch) Summer squash, I like to use mostly yellow varieties, sliced about 1/4-1/2 inch Layer into a baking dish: potato slices squash slices salt and pepper butter slices repeat layers until all vegetables are used (or dish is full…) Top with: Grated mild melting…

growing fast – pumpkin, winter squash and gourds

I have a remarkable giant pumpkin growing in my community garden. Its still dark green and hiding in the shadows next to my fence. But it gets bigger by the day. The variety is Big Rock, which produces fruit 20 lbs and larger. Oh my goodness. How will, I pick it up? Also growing well now is a big birdhouse gourd, hanging on the fence of my garden. And a couple Delicata squash, a sweet winter squash that I am growing for the first time this year.. Pumpkin — Cucurbitaceae…


Here’s two of my garden companions this year. Yellow summer squash (Zephyr) and red nasturtiums. Both seem very happy with each other. Who can say if they’d be just as happy on their own, but I think they look nice together.Cucurbita pepo (squash)

squash bread

My evening activity is making zucchini/squash bread. (While watching the awesome Chinese Olympics opening!) I grated a pile of overgrown squash – the ones that I didn’t find until too late. My mom said to look for a car with an open window and put them in. But no, I grated them all. I ended up with a pile of baggies full that I froze. I have been reading through Marion Morash’s Victory Garden Cookbook again (I read this every year I think). Lots of squash ideas. I will try…

melons and winter squashes setting fruit

I am having fun watching for baby melons. These are now setting fruit. I have heard that I should remove all but two fruits of the larger varieties. The fruits above are large watermelon, Delicata squash, a large-fruited bottle gourd, Baby Pam pumpkin, Lakota squash and finally a Big Rock pumpkin. The male flowers below are watermelon, a Big Rock pumpkin flower and a couple of bottle gourd flowers. The white gourds blossoms seem to open in the evening and the yellow melon and orange squashes in the morning. I…


This is what I brought home from the garden yesterday. Needless to say, we are eating a lot of squash these days….Cucurbita pepo (squash)