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Starting Seeds

My first big day of planting seeds! The local True Value Hardware store had their planting trays in stock – I got 8 trays and 8 6-packs of seed cells. Also some 4-inch and 3-inch pots. And 50 4-cent wooden labels.

I planted 2 full trays of seeds this afternoon. I am a bit late starting my onions. I planted 4 6-packs of white storage onion seeds and one of bunching onions. I started a few seeds of very early tomatoes. Only 3 varieties, 3 seeds each. These will be in big pots before they can be transplanted outside.

My seed list:

Onions, Frontier
Onions, Pontiac
Onions, bunching Guardsman
Tomatoes, cherry Sun Gold
Tomatoes, Pink Beauty
Tomatoes, Mew Girl
Chinese cabbage, Wong Bok
Chinese cabbage, Mini Kisaku 50
Chinese cabbage, Extra Dwarf Bok Choy
Celery, Tango
Mustard, Ruby Streaks
Radicchio, Chiogga Red Preco #1
Lettuce, Oaky Red Splash
Lettuce, Victoria Butterhead
Parsley, Giant of Italy
Broccoli, Diplomat
Caulifower, Little Cloud Hybrid
Endive, Frisee Olesh Tres Fine

– and one of my favorite garden flowers:
Bachelor Button, Boy Blue

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  • Hooray, it's begun. Tomorrow we'll be doing seed starts as well. It's exciting is it not?

  • Looks like some nice selections there. Good luck with them.

  • I'm late on my onions too. It is because I'm on the fence as to whether they are worth the space. I've yet to have a good harvest

  • last year i have 1kg bean seed, but i give it to my friends because he have a big space of backyard for vegetable garden.

    outdoor shed plans

  • LOL I was just wondering if it would be too early to start my onion seeds!

    This week, if I have time in my insanely busy schedule, maybe I'll start my onions. About 2 weeks ago, I started some herbs (cinnamon basil, oregano, and sweet basil), but I'm planning to keep these indoors anyway in pots.

    Wonder what else I can start now, indoors, that wont be too early to start… hmmm 🙂

  • Yay! I am excited to see how your onions do, I haven't had much success with mine so I looking forward to learning!!!

  • Wow, is it exciting or what? I have started my seeds as well, had lots of luck last week with germination of my first trays! So glad to hear others are enjoying it as much as I am! Here we gooooooo!
    The Ebullient Gardener!

  • Good stuff Kathy, i look forward to reading your blog, Thanks Sincerly Donald

  • Hi Kathy,
    It is so exiting these days with all the seed planning. I have also planted my seeds (well most of them) but tried these new capsule soil things so will see what is going to happen.
    I wanted to ask you what kind of zucchini did you have last summer? I thought they looked so handsome! Did they taste good?
    I saw whole bunch a different paddy once this year piihh wish had a bigger garden to have one of each :]
    Same goes for tomatoes.
    Happy gardening,

  • sounds great, we started seeds two weeks ago, nothing up yet but we had trouble with the heater in the Incubator. I have a solid 78 degrees in there now and am hopeful that when I get home there will be some progress. This incubator is a new ordeal for me and i am having difficulty balancing the moisture level with the heaters ability to dissipate it. I hope your garden season is filled with joy this year.

  • Yikes! Reading this is making me feel very behind. I have been so overwhelmed with baby chicks and spring beekeeping prep that I have yet to get my greenhouse babies started. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • You are an inspiration! Please tell me where you found tuberous begonias. I have had a terrible time finding them online. Thanks so much!

  • I got them at Costco….


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