today’s harvest – eggplants!

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My first eggplants of the season!! I am excited to harvest these. Eggplants have trouble growing in my garden because of flea beetles. Last year I had didn’t get any eggplants, though I planted a dozen plants. The leaves had more holes than green, the plants barely grew, and no…
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lady beetles

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I’ve found a bunch of lady beetles around recently. I thought ladybugs (actually a beetle, not a bug) were only the red and black spotted ones. Not true. There are about 5,000 species of these beetles. Many are native to the US and many have been introduced from Europe or…
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planting peas

Pests & Pathogens, Starting Seeds
I planted my peas today. I started them indoors in big flat boxes and cut off paper bags. I’m a fan of planting indoors, mostly because I can watch them grow. But also I can baby the seedlings, making sure they get the right amount of water and light (under…
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crop rotation

Garden Planning, Pests & Pathogens
I recently finished making plans for my vegetable gardens and posted the diagrams. A reader noticed I always plant my butternut squash in one place: on the arbor in the middle of my community garden plot. I like it there. It looks nice and does well. But the reader asked:…
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