planting cabbages, brocccoli and bok choi

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planting IMG_6172
planting IMG_6171garden may 2016 IMG_6178

Finally! I’ve gotten the compost down to the garden (actually my husband did that for me – thank you, Steve!), spread and turn it. Then we hooked up the hose to get some water down to the garden. The brassica bed was ready for planting, so yesterday the plants went in! I have so many seedlings waiting to be planted that I’m so happy to be getting some planted. After planting and watering, I covered the bed with row cover to protect the plants from cabbage worms.

I planted three types of cabbage, napa, savoy and red. Also broccoli: mini and a package that had a mix of broccoli types. And a couple rows of bok choy Pechay.

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