my list of seed varieties to grow for 2017

Garden Planning

My total number of varieties to grow this year is 132. I’ve saved 9 myself, have 102 packets saved from previous years, and I’ll buy (or share with other gardeners) another 21. I’ll just grow a few plants of most varieties so I can try a lot of different ones. I’m trying 14 new varieties and many varieties that I grew last year that I won’t grow this year.

Salto Vegetables:
Beans, Bush: Maxibel, Jumbo, Black Valentine, Wade
Beans, Pole: Wax, Shung Wang’s Beans, Emerite, Logan Giant, Kentucky Wonder
Beans, Bush, Shell: Jacob’s Cattle Bean, Black Turtle Soup

Beets, Pink: Chiogga Guardsmark
Beets, Red: Merlin, Red Ace, Detroit Dark Red

Broccoli: Diplomat (spring crop), Arcadia (fall crop), Mini, Red Fire

Cabbage, Red: Red Express
Cabbage, Green: Murdoc
Cabbage, Savoy: Alcos
Cabbage, Napa: Mini Kisaku 50
Cabbage, Pac Choi: Mei Qing Choi, Pechay

Carrots: Bolero, Scarlet Nantes, Oxheart

Celeriac: Brilliant

Corn: Baby Golden Popcorn

Cucumber, Slicing: Diva, Suyo Long, Straight Nine
Cucumber, Pickling: Miniature White, Little Leaf

Eggplant: Hansel, Barbarella, Mitoyo

Fennel: Orion

Gourd: Speckled Swan 

Greens, Endive: Tres Fine Maraichere Olesh
Greens, Escarole: Natacha
Greens, Mustard: Ruby Streaks

Herb, Basil: Superbo
Herb, Cilantro: Calypso
Herb: Cumin 
Herb, Dill: Mammoth
Herb, Parsley: Dark Green Italian Plain

Kale: Vates

Leeks, King Richard, Giant Musselberg

Lettuce, Butterhead Green: Edox, Skyphos
Lettuce, Looseleaf Red: Red Sails
Lettuce, Oakleaf: Danyelle
Lettuce, Romaine: Truchas, Monte Carlo
Lettuce, Bibb: Rhazes MT0
Lettuce, Iceberg: Ice Queen
Lettuce, Summer Crisp: Cherokee, Muir

Onions Scallions: Nabechan
Onions: Pontiac, White Wing, Wethersfield Red, Ailsa Craig

Parsnips: Turga

Peas, Snap: Sugar Snap
Peas, Snow: Oregon Giant

Peppers, Hot: Thai Hot, Jalapeno, Joe’s Long Cayenne, Poblano
Peppers, Numex: Joe E Parker
Peppers, Bell: Ace, Canary Bell, Red King of the North

Potatoes: Green Mountain

Pumpkins: Rouge Vif D’Etampes, Jarrahdale

Radicchio: Perseo

Radish: Rudolf, French Breakfast

Soy Beans, Green: Tohya, variety from R. Swain

Spinach: Kookaburra

Summer Squash, Patty Pan: Benning’s Green Tint
Summer Squash, Yellow: Slick Pik
Summer Squash, Zucchini: Costata Romanesco

Sweet Potatoes

Tomato, Slicers: Brandywine Suddath’s, True Black Brandywine, Carbon, Mortgage Lifter, Orange Blossom, Pink Beauty
Tomato, Paste: Blue Beech, Heinz 2653, Opalka, Polish Linguisa, Jersey Devil
Tomato, Cherry: Sun Gold

Winter Squash: Waltham Butternut, Buttercup Burgess, Blue Ballet, Ute Indian, Yokohama

East Hemet Flowers:
Ageratum: Tall Blue Planet
Calendula: Triangle Flashack
Cleome: large magenta
Cosmos: Summer Sunshine Mix, Summer Sunshine in Pink
Marigold: Giant African (3-4ft), Queen Sophia (10-12in)
Hyacinth Bean
Liatris: Purple Blazing Star
Love-in-a Mist
Shasta Daisy
Sunflower: Autumn Beauty (6ft) , Mammoth (12ft), Incredible (20in)
Sweet pea: High Scent

Zinnia: small red, Profusion Single Mix, Benary’s Giant Purple

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