2013 variety list

Garden Planning
Basil: Genovese, Italian Large Leaf, Lemon Aromatic
Beets: Chiogga Guardsmark, Early Wonder, Merlin, Red Detroit
Broccoli: Diplomat
Carrots: Carnival Mix, Mokum
Celeriac: Brilliant
Eggplant: Black King, Kamo, Tiger
Endive: Galia, Tres Fine
Kale: Tuscan, Winterbor
Leeks, Giant Musselburgh
Lettuce: Oaky Red, Prizehead
Marigolds: Burpee’s Best Mix, Cottage Red
Mexican Sunflower: Torch
Onions: Frontier (did not sprout), White Wing, Pontiac, Walla Walla
Parsley: Single Italian
Peas: Sugar Sprint
Pepper: Amelia’s Cayenne, Ancho 211, Annaheim, Canary Bell Sweet, Costa Rican Sweet, Jalepeno, Nardello, NuMex Joe E Parker, Quadrato Rosso D’Asti (Sweet Red), Sweet Chocoloate, Tepin, Thai Hot
Radicchio: Palla Rossa Pepper, Red Precco #1
Shallots: Prizma
Tomatoes: (not recorded)

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