the middle of winter

I certainly feel like it’s the middle of winter right now. We’ve had 25 inches of snow in the past couple weeks, only a couple days with blue skies, but fortunately not too cold for having fun snowshoeing with the dogs. I think this is why Valentine’s Day comes at this time – it’s the time for chocolate and … well… hanging out with the special someone before you get all busy with planting, transplanting, growing, weeding, harvesting, canning, cooking…… Cheers to the icy season!  

winter tunnels with spinach, kale, and escarole

I have two winter tunnels covered with a few layers of winter fabric and one of green house plastic on the top. I also have a half bed of cabbage covered with a couple floating layers of winter row cover fabric. They are all doing well this winter. In this time of short daylight, I don’t expect the plants to grow much. But it’s nice that they are hanging in there. No rodents are eating them and surviving the cold, which is awesome. The plant’s growth will take off mid…

my home garden plan for 2021

I have extra space in my vegetable garden this year! My tomatoes will be mostly in the front yard, bush beans behind the chicken coop, and sweet potatoes in a plot on our hillside. Plus, I’m going to do container gardening on my driveway and patios. And I’m planning to tuck vegetables in here and there in my front yard flower borders. It was fun to develop my 2021 plan with the extra space. What’s going in the extra space: Asparagus! I’m going to expand my asparagus to fill a…

my vegetable garden today

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We are having a rainy day. I’m getting time to write blog posts (finally !) and my garden is getting lots of free water. It’s great. Here are a bunch of photos I took just now during a break in the rain.    

snowy day

We have a foot of snow on the ground now, very early for us. It’s still coming down. Very pretty.

arial garden photos

A drone pilot came by my yard and took some photos of my garden. Its wonderful to see my favorite spot from a different angle.

a year of garden photos

May 4: The peas are a few inches high, cover crop of winter rye is tall in some beds, and winter beds have greens growing. May 11: I just turned under the winter rye, crabapples and tulips are in bloom. May 30: I just planted tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers. Alliums are blooming. June 18: Everything is growing, including the weeds in the paths. Those are asparagus fronds across the view in the foreground.   August 24: Time for eating fresh vegetables!   October 15: Beds with summer crops are cleared…

backyard garden

I used my cell phone for panorama photos of my backyard garden. It would be really cool to have curved raised beds like these photos.