my home garden plan for 2021

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I have extra space in my vegetable garden this year! My tomatoes will be mostly in the front yard, bush beans behind the chicken coop, and sweet potatoes in a plot on our hillside. Plus, I’m going to do container gardening on my driveway and patios. And I’m planning to tuck vegetables in here and there in my front yard flower borders.

It was fun to develop my 2021 plan with the extra space.

What’s going in the extra space: Asparagus! I’m going to expand my asparagus to fill a large raised bed with three 12-foot rows. And Corn! I’m going to grow corn in my other large raised bed.

Things I’m not going to grow this year: Basil, we still have frozen pesto that we made last year so I’ll just put a few basil plants in the herb garden by my back door. Edamame (soy beans), the chipmunks ate every last pod just as it ripened last year. And Brussels Sprouts. I have tried and tried to get them to grow with no luck. I think this is a good time to give up. They need more sun and more attention to defending them from caterpillars than I could give them.

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  • I had great luck with Jade Cross Brussel Sprouts in the Chicago suburbs this past year. I winter sowed them and then transplanted them in the spring. I didn’t care for them as well as I should once they were transplanted..they were barely watered. Worms attacked my broccoli and kale but somehow the brussel sprouts made it ok without much babysitting and they produced well for me. Thanks for sharing your garden plans – it inspires me!

  • That’s good to hear Jamie! I just bought Jade Cross to try at my donation garden – Aurelia’s Garden. It’s a big open field and our Brussels sprouts did OK there last year. We panted Dagan. I thought Jade Cross sounded good so that’s what I’ll grow for them this year. – But none for me…

  • Katrina Ruggiero DeSimone
    January 6, 2021 12:51 PM

    Hi, I just want to say thank you for all your garden info! I have been following you for years. I am a CT residence Zone 6b and as a novice gardener your blog and info was so helpful over the years. I had 2 small children over these last 2 years and have been neglectful to my gardening dreams. BUT the kids are finally old enough to be helpers in a garden and pick weeds instead of seedlings! I down loaded you app today! I am starting to plan my garden! Again, may yours be bountiful and give back 10x what you put into it!

  • Thank you for your note Katrina! I hope you like my app! Happy gardening to you too.


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