saving, storing, and organizing seed packets

I don’t know if most people realize that seeds last more than one year – often 10 or more years. I never throw out a seed packet until it stops germinating. A seed’s life span is different for different types of seeds. While parsnips, and onions last only a couple…
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where to buy seeds

It is only mid-January, but many varieties are running out of stock at on-line seed companies now. Time to order!  I recommend purchasing from small, local seed companies. They will be selling varieties that are adapted to your area. I also like to support small, family-run companies. These are some…
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washing pots for seed starting

Starting Seeds
I have a collection of old pots that I reuse again and again for seed planting. It is important to wash and disinfect them well to avoid diseases that can kill seedlings. I washed a big stack of 128-cell seed trays the other day. This should be all of the…
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asparagus – how far apart to space

Garden Planning
I’m excited to be expanding my asparagus bed this year. It’s such a delicious crop and one of those vegetables that’s way better picked and eaten fresh from a home vegetable garden than from a grocery store. I’m planning to dedicate one of my oversized raised beds to asparagus. The…
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today’s harvest

---, Harvests
I harvested bit of broccoli (Marathon) and cilantro today from under the covers of my winter low tunnel. The tunnel is about 4 feet high and protected with three layers of winter row cover and a top layer of green house plastic. It’s pretty cozy in there. I have never…
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today is giving Tuesday

Food Pantry Garden
I’ve been working hard this summer on Aurelia’s Garden, a non-profit company I started with a several friends. We’re growing vegetables for donation to local food pantries. We’ve grown and donated over 2,000 pounds of produce this year to Open Table of Maynard, which serves Middlesex county (in Massachusetts) officially,…
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Kathy Martin Skippy and Kathy

Countdown timer

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weeks til my last spring frost




My garden this week

"It seems like the garden is fast asleep under its cover of snow. But hidden from view a secret world is busy preparing to grow."

Photos of my gardens


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