today’s harvest – eggplants!

My first eggplants of the season!! I am excited to harvest these. Eggplants have trouble growing in my garden because of flea beetles. Last year I had didn’t get any eggplants, though I planted a dozen plants. The leaves had more holes than green, the plants barely grew, and no fruit. I tried again anyway and it’s much better this year. I guess there are fewer flea beetles this year. I know they hatch in waves and like to feed on hot sunny days. I think maybe we had a…

today’s harvest – garlic!!

This is my garlic harvest!! Plus a few onions and some dill. I am pleased with my garlic this year. About 70 nice big heads. I will wash them, then let then dry in the sun a day or so, and then trim the roots and stems. This is a great variety of garlic. It was given to me by a friend and she couldn’t remember the name.  An Allium expert told me the other day that she is sure this variety is German Red.

today’s harvest

I love it when I can bring in a basket filled with all sorts of vegetables. Today I have bok choy, round cabbage, Chinese cabbage, broccolini, radicchio, some red oak leaf lettuce, pickling cucumbers, and summer squashes: yellow, patty pan and zucchini. I think there is some basil in there too.

Skippy’s calendar app is out

Woohoo! My completely updated vegetable seed planting calendar app is now available. Just in time for Fall Planting. Let me know how you like it! Leave a comment here or at the store. At the Apple App Store the app is here: Skippy’s App for iOS. For GooglePlay, use this link: Skippy’s App for android.

4th of July harvest

My 4th of July harvest is escarole and basil. I ended up with way too much, so this is the box I put out to share with my neighbors. I thought the big heads of escarole looked nice broken in half and tied with a string. This way the blanched inner leaves show. In past years, I would have had my family or some friends over the celebrate the 4th in our patio. I have often posted photos of my mom or my sister picking vegetable in my garden. Not…

today’s harvest

I have an overabundance of lettuce, so I put it out on a table by my mailbox. It disappears fast. There is escarole, broadleaf and frissee in the left box and lettuce in the right one.

my vegetable garden today

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We are having a rainy day. I’m getting time to write blog posts (finally !) and my garden is getting lots of free water. It’s great. Here are a bunch of photos I took just now during a break in the rain.    

My hoop house is filling up with empty pots. Nearly all of my seedling have been planted out in the garden by now. I have a few plants left in the hoop house. A couple big pots of greenhouse cucumbers. They do very well in here – I’ve grown them inside a couple years now. I am trying some eggplants in pots this year. In past years the flea beetles have killed them out in the garden.

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