4th of July harvest

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My 4th of July harvest is escarole and basil. I ended up with way too much, so this is the box I put out to share with my neighbors. I thought the big heads of escarole looked nice broken in half and tied with a string. This way the blanched…
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today’s harvest

---, Harvests
I have an overabundance of lettuce, so I put it out on a table by my mailbox. It disappears fast. There is escarole, broadleaf and frissee in the left box and lettuce in the right one.
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---, Hoop House
My hoop house is filling up with empty pots. Nearly all of my seedling have been planted out in the garden by now. I have a few plants left in the hoop house. A couple big pots of greenhouse cucumbers. They do very well in here – I’ve grown them…
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lady beetles

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I’ve found a bunch of lady beetles around recently. I thought ladybugs (actually a beetle, not a bug) were only the red and black spotted ones. Not true. There are about 5,000 species of these beetles. Many are native to the US and many have been introduced from Europe or…
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our irrigation system is running!!

---, Food Pantry Garden
We finally have running water in the field at Aurelia’s Garden, our food pantry donation project. We made it through a couple dry weeks maintaining our newly planted seedlings by slogging water in buckets from the nearby swamp. It’s a big relief to turn on the pump and have plenty…
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mulched paths in Mom’s garden

---, Mom and Dad's Garden
I am tired of weeds!!! I put down a water-permeable black weed cloth on the paths of my mother’s garden and covered it with chopped hay-straw mulch. It’s working well. I visited her today and it only took me a couple minutes to weed the rows. I think it looks…
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---, Harvests
I was amazed to notice today that I had Shitake mushrooms growing on logs I cultured last winter. Wow!! My husband and I drilled lots of little holes and hammered in a lot of mushroom cultures that I bought. Five or six types, each on the type of wood they…
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Kathy Martin Skippy and Kathy

Countdown timer

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weeks til my last spring frost




My garden this week

"It seems like the garden is fast asleep under its cover of snow. But hidden from view a secret world is busy preparing to grow."

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