my new sprouter

I got a new sprouter from Amazon. It’s a Gardens Alive 2-tier sprouter, about $15. I really like it. No complaints. Unfortunately it’s not available on Amazon anymore. It seems like there aren’t many (only 1?) sprouters left on Amazon. I also ordered a few mesh lids that you screw…
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a dusting of snow

Watching the Seasons
A little bit of snow on my garden. I thought it looked pretty. It will go away soon as we are expecting lots of rain tonight. I don’t think we have had snow here since last Nonmember and December. What an unusual winter and spring.
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growing sprouts and microgreens

Last week I experimented with growing my own sprouts. I got out two mason jars, some cheese cloth, rubber bands, and some mung bean and radish seeds that I had in the back of the cabinet. I washed the seeds, soaked them for 8 hours, then drained the water and…
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my chickens – rooster and hatching

---, My Chickens
I have several projects going on while I am “sheltering in place” from the corona virus outbreak. One is working on my flock of chickens. I gave away my big black Cochin rooster this morning. He was too big for my coop and my little hens. And too noisy for…
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seedlings in my hoop house

Starting Seeds
I planted lots of Brassicaceae (cabbage-family) seeds a week ago. They are all cute little sprouts now. They are down in my hoop house with onion, beet, parsley, spinach, and lettuce seedlings. It’s cool, in the 40’s (F), outside today but bright sunshine. The hoop house is at 80F. My…
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vegetables that grow fast

Starting Seeds
It’s a tough time. I’m in eastern Massachusetts, where we have many cases of new coronovirus and we know it’s going to get much worse. My husband and I are staying at home. There are empty store shelves here. Most people are staying at home. I looked up what I…
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a garden workbench

Garden Structures
This is a beautiful brand new bench that a friend of mine has. Her husband just finished building it for her. How lucky!! I love this. She’s already making good use of it.
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sowing peppers, eggplants, and marigolds

Starting Seeds
  I am up late tonight planting. I put in three trays of seeds. 20 6-pks, 30 varieties. It feels so nice to put tiny seeds in a cushion of moist soil and nutrients and think about how they will look mid summer. The peppers need 80F warmth to germinate…
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chilly night ahead for my hoop house

Our forecast says 30F tonight. Chilly for my little seedlings. I put the trays on the cement floor and covered them with a couple layers of row cover. I hope that’s OK for them.
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Kathy Martin Skippy and Kathy

Countdown timer

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weeks until my first fall frost




My garden this week

"That beautiful season the Summer! Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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