it’s tomato season at last!!!

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I have buckets full of beautiful red tomatoes now! It’s amazing we get through the whole rest of the year without these glorious garden fresh tomatoes. My tomatoes ripened quite a bit later this year than previous years, but it looks like I’ll make up for that by having LOTS!!

This year I have 17 different varieties. I was planning to only plant a couple varieties – just my favorites, but it was really hard to narrow it down, and the there are always new ones to try. So I have 17.

My old favorites are Black Brandywine, Dr Lyle, Chef’s Choice Orange, Pink Beauty, and the plum varieties Opalka and Polish Linguisa. New varieties I’m trying this year include a couple new AAS Winners that they sent for me to try: Buffalo Sun and Apple Yellow. Also a gorgeous huge strain of Amish Paste that I collected from a friend’s garden – I could call that Jane’s Amish Paste. And I’m a new dwarf plant, Rosella Crimson, in pots.

In this picture, clockwise from the top left, I have two Mountain Rouge, two Dr Lyle, five Beefsteak, five Apple Yellow, two of Jane’s Amish Paste, one Carbon and one Black Brandywine, one Pink Beauty and one Pink-A-Licious. I’m looking forward to doing a lot of taste testing this year!

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  • How do you get them to be so perfect? We have been fighting with horn worms, chipmunks, squirrels and septoria. The squirrels have been taking bites out of any with the least little bit of color, and, of course, the horn worm took many stems and leaves before I discovered it.

  • Hi, I wanted to let you know I found your article about the tomato season very helpful. Thank you, Richard

  • Wow, your tomatoes look amazing! I also have big crops this year so I am very happy! This year, I have sown a few different varieties of tomatoes; however, unlike yours, mine ripened quite fast. I didn’t have any problems with it. What I can recommend you is tomatoe ‘red pear’ which I order on – they have an unusual shape but are so tasty and juicy! I have to try ‘apple yellow’ next time, where do you order the seeds?

  • Oh wow! I always love looking at pictures of your garden.


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