it’s tomato season at last!!!

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I have buckets full of beautiful red tomatoes now! It’s amazing we get through the whole rest of the year without these glorious garden fresh tomatoes. My tomatoes ripened quite a bit later this year than previous years, but it looks like I’ll make up for that by having LOTS!!

This year I have 17 different varieties. I was planning to only plant a couple varieties – just my favorites, but it was really hard to narrow it down, and the there are always new ones to try. So I have 17.

My old favorites are Black Brandywine, Dr Lyle, Chef’s Choice Orange, Pink Beauty, and the plum varieties Opalka and Polish Linguisa. New varieties I’m trying this year include a couple new AAS Winners that they sent for me to try: Buffalo Sun and Apple Yellow. Also a gorgeous huge strain of Amish Paste that I collected from a friend’s garden – I could call that Jane’s Amish Paste. And I’m a new dwarf plant, Rosella Crimson, in pots.

In this picture, clockwise from the top left, I have two Mountain Rouge, two Dr Lyle, five Beefsteak, five Apple Yellow, two of Jane’s Amish Paste, one Carbon and one Black Brandywine, one Pink Beauty and one Pink-A-Licious. I’m looking forward to doing a lot of taste testing this year!

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