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Skippy's Vegetable Garden | Kathy Martin's Blog - Part 5


herbs on my window sill

Starting Seeds
These are the herbs I started the day after Thanksgiving, so it’s taken about two months to grow to this size. Cilantro, dill, thyme, and basil. (There’s also a pot of summer savory at the end that I started last summer.) I started these herbs under lights in the garage…
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a new plan for a new year

Planning the Garden
I am very excited about my new garden plan for my Community Garden plot. I have a plan to grow a great mix of plants that are all Companions. I’ll grow them intermixed rather than in patches so they have the benefit of being near their companions. I was a…
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tasty compact vegetables to grow

Planning the Garden
See my post at the National Garden Bureau! It’s all about Tasty Compact Vegetable Seeds to Grow. These are old and new varieties that I discovered while on my California tour of vegetable breeders with the AAS and NGB last summer.
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getting the garden ready for snow

Garden Structures
Last Sunday morning, before the Big Snow Storm hit, I spend a couple hours in my vegetable garden getting things set. My husband removed the plastic outer layer from my winter tunnel and then taped on a cross bar onto the top of the hoops for extra support. I opened…
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black friday seed planting

Starting Seeds
Everyone’s at the mall and I’m planting seeds! I planted seeds for some herbs that I plan to grow on my kitchen window sill in February and March. I also planted arugula that I plan to grow in the garage under lights to add to our winter salads. I have…
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my honey bee order is in

Honey Bees
I just ordered a package of bees for April 17. I didn’t keep any honey bees last year and I missed having all those pollinators in the vegetable garden. It’s nice to think ahead to spring before winter even starts.
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crispy pickled peppers

  I harvested a lot of peppers the day before our first frost. (100!!) Bell peppers, cayenne, Tex Mex, Shishito, even some heatless Habanero’s called Habanada.     We’ve been working our way through eating them fresh, but we weren’t making much of a dent. Time for pickles! I’ve made…
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cold weather makes super sweet carrots!

My Harvests, Root Vegetables
Baby carrots! I harvested them last week and I’m amazed how delicious they are. Really really sweet and very crisp. I wonder if the frosts and cold weather improve their flavor. …. Internet search …. Yes, it does! I didn’t know that. “In order to defend itself against the cold,…
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choosing tomato varieties

Planning the Garden, Tomatoes
All America Selections (AAS) is a great place to start when looking for new tomato varieties to try. It’s is a national, non-profit plant trialing organization that tests new, never-before-sold varieties and selects winners with superior performance. I toured a dozen seed breeders in CA with AAS last summer and…
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