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I was amazed to notice today that I had Shitake mushrooms growing on logs I cultured last winter. Wow!! My husband and I drilled lots of little holes and hammered in a lot of mushroom cultures that I bought. Five or six types, each on the type of wood they preferred. These Shitake’s are called warm-weather Shitake’s and I grew them on oak logs. I cut them off the log and carried them back to the house in a little basket. I’ll have to look up a nice recipe for them. Exciting.

I was out at a local big box store this morning. I bought some Portabello mushrooms not knowing I had a harvest of my own. Going to the store is another story. I am exhausted after doing that. It’s so stressful. I dressed up in my mask and gloves. Afterwards, I covered myself in sanitizer and then washed my hands several minutes. Many of the store shelves are bare. No chicken, no pork. Limit one on the flour, sugar, olive oil. They did have a bit of tissues and paper products. I should be good for at least two or three weeks now. I just hear on the TV that there are now 13,000 cases of covid now in my county. I really don’t want to get sick.

Stay in the garden and stay well, everyone!


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