Red-winged Blackbirds Return Early

---, Watching the Seasons

It’s been a really weird winter. Hardly a winter at all. I’m hoping the wild flower seeds I winter sowed will get enough cold time to germinate. January 2023 was the the fifth warmest on record in Boston, Massachusetts and we have had almost no snow. Today we are making a run at 50 degrees F and Friday 60! Oh my. The good news for plants is that we have had plenty of rain (bad news for me is way too many cloudy days.)

I like to keep an eye on when spring birds arrive. Today at my feeder I saw two red-winged blackbirds. February 8!! That’s the earliest I’ve ever seen them.  Maybe I’ve just been getting better at spotting them? (I’ll try to add a picture here.) I have a feeling it will be a warm spring.

Dates when I’ve spotted the first red-winded blackbird of the season in my yard:

2023: February 8

2020: February 25

2019: March 12

2018: February 25

2016: March 5

2015: March 27

2009: April 9


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