Popcorn! The best recipe!

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My husband makes the best popcorn! Tonight I was treated to  fantastic tray of it.

I have a serious popcorn problem. I like to eat it by the handful. Scoop it up, stuff it in. OMG. But what is better than one piece of yummy popcorn – 10 pieces! My husband is the opposite. He puts his popcorn on a plate, adds hot sauce (my habanero sauce tonight), and eats it one kernel at a time.

However you like to eat it, here is the best popcorn recipe.

Growing and storing popcorn: Grow hull-less popcorn (this is Robust 997 from Johnny’s) in your backyard (or your front yard!) Harvest, shuck, and dry the ears before the squirrels or raccoons get them. Remove the kernels from the ears into glass jars and store without lids several months until dry. Cover the jars after a couple months.

Popping popcorn: Place 1/2 cup of kernels into a Whirly Popper. Add a couple Tbs high temperature oil (peanut or avocado). Spin and pop. After kernels pop, dump into a paper bag along with about 1.5 Tbs melted butter. Add salt to taste and then shake it up.

The final step: Pour the kernels on a baking sheet and scatter on top cheese of choice. Tonight we used 2 Tbs mozzarella and 2 Tbs parmesan. Bake at 350 degrees F for a couple minutes. Keep an eye on it so it doesn’t brown. You don’t want it to burn.



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