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It’s nearing the end of March and I have visions of a warm sunny spring with flowers and planting chores to do very soon. We have had dreary wet weather all winter it seems. Almost no snow, but many many cloudy rainy days. I look forward to the outdoor gardening season.

My garden looks bleak right now, but there are nice greens under the winter covers and a couple things are growing in the unprotected areas. Soon I will start moving compost onto the garden beds (my husband rebuilt two of them for me last fall) and turning the soil. I bought a broad fork to help loosen the soil this year.

The first vegetable I will plant out are peas. I planted a tray of Oregon Giant snow peas indoors a week ago. They are an inch tall now. Once I prepare a patch of soil for them and put up a tall trellis, they will go out. The weather is pretty mild and they could go out anytime now, but it will probably be next week when I get to it.

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