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I’m visiting my mother today and its quite snowy! I’m feeling like this is finally winter. She has about 4-5 inches of snow on her garden. It’s heavy wet snow and is stuck to all the tree branches and the garden fence and is looking very pretty.


I have a small winter tunnel in Mom’s garden. I hastily made it with a couple layers of row cover on low hoops, greenhouse plastic on top using a cucumber trellis as a support, and all the layers are held down around the edges with bricks. My mother does not like the way it looks so I might remove it soon. The cold snap we had recently (-15F for one day) killed the lettuce that was under the tunnel but I have lots of lettuce, escarole, arugula, and spinach seedlings growing in my garage under lights. They are just about big enough to plant out and this little tunnel would be perfect. I’ll try to convince her to let it stay.

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