new asparagus bed

Starting Seeds

asparagus IMG_6176

Here’s my new asparagus bed. The sprouts are up, so I layered on another 2 inches of soil/compost mix today. I’ll add another 2 inches in a few days. The plants should have 5 inches of soil above the crowns.

I squeezed my asparagus row between the fence and a raised bed. There was too much room there to let it go empty, but it’s a difficult place for planting. Hard to access. Also, the soil of the lawn below is rocky, compacted, and nutrient-poor. When planting, I layered on compost and did my best to turn it into the lawn soil. The asparagus is now a raised row, so I’ll need to make sure the soil stays raised and doesn’t flatten out. I’m hoping this will work.

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