more squirrel trouble

Here’s another item the squirrles like: Begonia tubers. They dug up many of my tubers and nibbled on them. I recovered all but one. The rest I repotted and covered securely!


The treehopper nymphs that were on my eggplants seem to have morphed. Well, not the same ones I squished, but I found this guy hanging around the same plants. This bug is brown and triangular with short horns. He hopped very well when the camera got too close. The eggplants are doing fine. Good riddance to the nymphs. topic: eggplant

leafhoppers on my eggplants!

I’m pleased that I may have found the cause of the problems I’ve been having with my eggplants. I found three of these ugly bugs on the stems of the wilting plants on the right side of the picture. I submitted a photograph to BugGuide and it was identified as a treehopper nymph though it seems to be unusual for them to do serious damage to plants. These are definitely girdling the stems of my plants. They are big enough and few enough for me to just squish…

Berry net

I’m now working hard to defend my fruits and veges from bugs, birds, etc. This is our berry cover: a wood frame with nylon netting. We’ve used this system several years now and it works well to keep the birds out. We pull the netting up on one side to pick the fruit. Berries are ripening fast. Seems like it will be a good crop this year.

squash vine borers

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I have a continual battle during the summer to defend my squash, pumpkin and cuce stems from squash vine borers. AArrghh. I have been spraying weekly with Sevin for the past three weeks now. Still yesterday I found a hole in a yellow summer squash vine. I’ll see if I can remove the larvea from the stem today. I guess I’ll buy some malathion and see if this works better. Also, I just read that wrapping the stems with strips of nylon stockings prevents egg-laying ( I’ll try this after…

berry thief

Caught in the act! Looks like its time to put up the berry netting. Some years I don’t cover the berries and the blue jays, cardinals and catbirds have a great time.