unpollinated corn and corn ear worms

You’ll have to click to see these photos larger. They’re too ugly to show full size. I composted the under pollinated ones and cut the wormy tips off. This was the only ear that still had the worm in it. Others just had the worm damage.

blight on eggplants

Ugly pictures! I don’t think its very common to get blight on eggplants. But it sure looks like a Blight. Late Blight hits potatoes and tomatoes. I had a big patch of blighted potatoes that I cut down back in June (luckily the tubers are 90% fine). And then in July, I removed 13 of my 16 heirloom tomatoes, grown from seed I started way back in March 🙁 These were badly infected with Late Blight. I suppose this is what I get from leaving the last 3 tomato plants…

late blight continues to kill tomatoes

On yesterday’s visit to my community plot I found late blight on all of my remaining tomato plants. My next chore will be to remove them all. Bag and dispose in the trash. I was hoping a few of my plants would have survived, but all have succumbed. 16 plants – 11 varieties that I babied since March. I also had a sad note from the New Hampshire Farm that I distribute CSA shares for. Its a long but very interesting note so I’m posting most of it here. Very…

late blight notice

Here’s a sign I’ll post at our community gardens tomorrow as I remove my contaminated compost pile. Let me know if you have any revisions to suggest! And, I’m still looking for a vegetable disease expert for a presentation at our community garden. If anyone knows anyone to suggest, please let me know. I think we could use a topic for a gardeners gathering. A use for our newly cleared entrance area. Coffee and donuts, stewed zucchini and fresh lettuce leaves. Ahhh. What fun.

blighted potatoes

I thought the potatoes I dug were fine, even though the plants were heavily hit with late blight. But after three weeks of storage, I have realized they’re not fine. The fingerlings and Russets that were hardest hit and that I cut down and dug first are turning brown and rotting in their bags. [Late blight produces] characteristic coppery-brown discoloration of the potato flesh under the skin…. Infection of potato tubers arises from spores that develop on foliage. Tubers exposed by soil cracking or erosion of hills may come in…

more on late blight

Late blight seem to be the only conversation topic I hear this week at our community gardens. I hear yelling from across the way about newly discovered dead tomato plants. I hear long technical discussions among groups of gardeners. And everyone spends a fair amount of time walking around and looking at tomato and potato plants in other plots. People come by my plot to chat and they know whose plants look good and whose are dead. They remind me that I should be bagging and destroying the foliage so…

potatoes, potatoes

On Sunday, a week after cutting down most of my badly blight damaged (Late Blight) potato plants, I found more blight damage. Actually all my varieties now show a lot of blight spots. But the earlier varieties are worse off. The Russet foliage (a late variety) is nice and green still, but leaves have lots of brown/moldy looking spots. The Red Gold (early variety) plants were yellowed falling over and with brown/moldy leaf spots. Its normal for the plants to die back, and I don’t know how much the blight…

fighting late blight – organic copper spray

Well, today I bought a bottle of copper sulfate spray (Concern copper soap fungicide). My dad says this is the only organic remedy for Late Blight. I’m planning to use this on my tomato and potato plants at my plot tomorrow. My dad’s friend Tom, a serious gardener, uses mancozeb in regular applications on his tomatoes starting in early spring. He says the only problem with using copper sulfate against Late Blight is that it doesn’t work. Hmmm. But mancozeb is a pretty serious chemical. My potatoes don’t seem to…

late blight information

This is what late blight looks like on the tomato plants in my community garden plot. I pulled up half of my tomatoes today. 🙁 Cornell information sheet: Late Blight: a serious disease killing potatoes and tomatoes this year Another Cornell info sheet: Late blight on tomatoes UMASS special alert: Late Blight on Tomato and Potato late blight (Phytophthora infestans)