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late blight sign

Here’s a sign I’ll post at our community gardens tomorrow as I remove my contaminated compost pile. Let me know if you have any revisions to suggest!

And, I’m still looking for a vegetable disease expert for a presentation at our community garden. If anyone knows anyone to suggest, please let me know. I think we could use a topic for a gardeners gathering. A use for our newly cleared entrance area. Coffee and donuts, stewed zucchini and fresh lettuce leaves. Ahhh. What fun.

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  • Which reminds me. I need to go out and spray Serenade again. So far my tomatoes have been spared, but so many have fallen so far in the area I have to keep up with my spraying.

  • I hope I'm not too late… The only change I would suggest is entire tomato plants should be removed, but if the infection is not too advanced just the infected foliage of potatoes can be removed, leaving the tubers in the ground, in the way Soilman suggested.

  • Great sign! Did you remove the other blight post? (I see you are going to remove the compost, but what method/means did you finally decide on?) Bagging or burrying (or both, lol)?

    Your plots are looking beautiful as usual, and M & D's harvest is making me hungry!

  • Not too late Patrick. Thanks. I'll edit, laminate and post it tomorrow morning.

    About my compost – I will just bag it all, drag it home and put it in the trash. The other post is still there somewhere, though I have gotten behind in tagging the posts.

  • Ugh, so much work. I hope you don't have to go too deep in the pile! I am figuring it is all wet and heavy…

  • With the hot dry weather, maybe its drying out a bit. I think I need to remove it all. I didn't get to it today though, but I did start putting my non-contaminated waste into a new pile.

  • The sign looks good to me. After reading it and going to the link you provided, I don't think that's what my tomatoes or potatoes have. I plan to go check for sure tomorrow.

    What a deal!


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