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I have a continual battle during the summer to defend my squash, pumpkin and cuce stems from squash vine borers. AArrghh. I have been spraying weekly with Sevin for the past three weeks now. Still yesterday I found a hole in a yellow summer squash vine. I’ll see if I can remove the larvea from the stem today. I guess I’ll buy some malathion and see if this works better. Also, I just read that wrapping the stems with strips of nylon stockings prevents egg-laying (http://ohioline.osu.edu/hyg-fact/2000/2153.html). I’ll try this after a good spray. The picture is a millipede at the base of the yellow squash stem. Millipedes typically eat dead and decaying matter – probably being produced by the blasted borers ….

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Cucurbita pepo (summer squash)

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  • First of all, I love your blog…very interesting! Great pictures! I used to have a problem with the squash vine borers and everytime the wind would blow, it would break my plants off at the ground due to the borers in the main stems. I found that if I sprinkle Sevin when I plant the squash seed in the ground I never have any problems with them the rest of the season. Just something to try…It works down here in Arkansas! 🙂


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