lettuce seedlings

Starting Seeds

baby salad 005

Instead of waiting for spring, I planted some lettuce seeds right after I got home from holiday travels – I think it was Jan 5. Little lettuce plants are now growing fast under the lights.

baby salad 001

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  • Well if the weather stays so far above normal like it has, then you should be able to plant in not too long.

  • When do you plan to plant these outside?

  • My plan was to grow them to full size indoors. Harvest and eat them as I thin the plants. But with this warm weather, maybe I will try putting a few in my cold frame. It regularly gets up to the 50's midday in the sun now inside the cold frame. I have some lettuce and spinach in there from last fall but haven't checked on it recently. I will have to take a look soon.

  • Very nice. I totally understand. Anything growing is a good thing.

  • Marian(LondonUK)
    February 9, 2012 2:37 PM

    Brilliant, that looks like the beginnings of an over-winter hydroponic experiment to keep those veggies coming!
    Marian (LondonUK)

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  • very good

  • great idea, this weekend I am going to try and find time to build a plant incubator with styrofoam insulation panels and a set of shelves. This winter has been so mild that I am wanting to start the tiller.

  • I couldn't wait any longer! Started our spring garden today. Hoping Atlanta doesn't have any sudden cold snaps. Looking forward to seeing your spring garden!

  • Kathy,
    What kind of shelving units did you buy? I am finally going to upgrade this year. I am debating between ones that are 5 shelves and only 19 inches long X 27 inches wide and 4 shelves that are 25 inches long X 17 inches wide… Any thoughts or recommendations?


  • Going to try sowing seeds. What kind of grow lights do you use? Can you tell me about how much they cost? Do the grow lights use a lot of electricity? Thank you.


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