baby squashes

I think my fertilizing may have helped to encourage female squash flowers. There are MANY of them budded now (though I haven’t seem any blooms yet). At least half of all the youngest flower buds are female (have fruits). The plants still look pretty good – no sign of squash stem borers yet. Its probably a good time to spray the stems and fertilize again (the last time I did was July 27).

summer squash

Finally, I have lots of little squashes on the way. This variety is Yellow Crookneck. Described as a warted, heavy producer.

yellow summer squash problem

Well, I’m starting to be concerned about my squash. They are very pretty, but no squash. They started blooming July 2. That’s 3 1/2 weeks ago! It seems like along time to wait with no sign of fruits. I did Google the delay and it seems unusual. The female flowers should show up 3-7 days after the males. A delay means the plants are stressed. Oh well. I’m not sure why. One site said low fruiting could be due to nutrient wash-out from excessive rain. We certainly have had excessive…

squash flowers

My squash (crookneck yellow summer squash) are flowering well, but still only male flowers. No sign of the females.

pumpkin blossom

My pumpkin blossoms open early in the morning and close by about 8 am. The past couple days, I have tried to take their picture, but didn’t get up in time. Here’s a 7 am photo. A lovely deep orange color. Pumpkin — Cucurbita spp.

pumpkins in a pot

            I found a large pot I hadn’t filled yet this year in the back of the garage, so I got a 6-pack of pumpkins and an unlabeled (mystery!) 6-pack and planted them in it. I used three bamboo poles as a support and found a patch of unoccupied sun in the driveway. All I have to do is remember to water it and try not to back the car into it.

squash vine borers

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I have a continual battle during the summer to defend my squash, pumpkin and cuce stems from squash vine borers. AArrghh. I have been spraying weekly with Sevin for the past three weeks now. Still yesterday I found a hole in a yellow summer squash vine. I’ll see if I can remove the larvea from the stem today. I guess I’ll buy some malathion and see if this works better. Also, I just read that wrapping the stems with strips of nylon stockings prevents egg-laying ( I’ll try this after…