Long Island Cheese pumpkin

The stem of my big early Long Island cheese pumpkin was broken off completely today when I went to my community plot. This pumpkin set fruit midway up on my fence and the weight of it was more than the vine could hold. The stem broke part way through a couple weeks ago. It looks like its nearly ripe. Its mostly beige colored, with only a few areas of greenish tint. Very early for a pumpkin. I’ll keep it on my kitchen counter for a month before I use it…

broken pumpkin stem

My big Long Island Cheese pumpkin stem broke, but not all the way off. It was growing half way up on my fence and, as the weight increased, it sunk lower. (I should have given it a support, but forgot.) Finally, the weight pulled the pumpkin all the way to the ground, but the vine couldn’t stretch quite that far. It has partially broken. I don’t dare touch it. It seems to me there may be enough intact stem for it to ripen. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Its a…

giant patty pan squash bread

After returning from vacation, I found this giant white patty pan squash growing in my garden. I should have weighed or measured it. I didn’t, but it was pretty big. It made about 8 cups of grated squash. I made my old summer squash bread recipe. Its exceptionally good! I also sauteed some grated squash for dinner. I added a bunch of chopped onion, fresh garlic and thyme, then lightly sauteed in olive oil. After it finished cooking, I grated on a bit of Robusto cheese. Delicious! I’d like to…

pumpkin on the counter

I suppose this is an unusual photo for summer. Its a pumpkin I grew in my garden last year. I’ve enjoyed having its nice bright orange color on my counter all winter and spring. Its a Jarrahdale, a blue/gray pumpkin that ripened to orange midwinter. A really good keeper. This pumpkin is finally getting spots and so today I’m putting it out to the compost bin. 🙁 I have a couple of new Jarrahdale plants in my garden that are growing fast in the heat. I’m looking forward to more…

tiny pumpkin plants

Tiny for now. But something tells me not for long. I tried to leave lots of space for these guys. I have a fun mix of pumpkins and winter squash this year: Jarrahdale, Long Island Cheese, Galeux D Eysines, Baby Pam, and Waltham Buttternut. (My traditional Big Rock pumpkin seeds didn’t spout.)

kale and squash risotto

I planted a enormous crop of kale this year and a couple weeks ago asked for recipe suggestions. I tried the kale risotto from the Moosewood Cookbook and it was DELICIOUS! Thanks for the recommendation. I used my last homegrown butternut squash from last year and a few spring onions that I pulled today. (I’m not really sure where the onions came from – probably ones I missed year that over-wintered and grew into large scallions-like onions this spring. They were very pungent and a bit dry, more like garlic…

orange Jarrahdale pumpkin – pumpkin ginger soup

I grew this pumpkin in my community garden plot this summer. It was a beautiful shade of mottled green-blue-gray when I picked it (photo). I ended up with three 6-10 lb Jarrahdale’s from two plants. One I made into fantastic pumpkin soup and pumpkin bread at Thanksgiving time. The other I gave to my brother and he did the same. This is the third. Its now on my dining room table and has ripen to bright yellow-orange. I’m thinking about baking with it soon (tomorrow). Jarrahdale’s have very thick, flavorful,…

pumpkin soup

Its the day after the Feast. One of the best leftovers is the pumpkin soup. Its good plain, with creme fraiche, or even with a dollop of stuffing in it. Its a wonderful combination of ginger, leeks and pumpkin. Delicious. Yesterday, we served the pumpkin soup as a first course with an exquisite champagne, grilled local kielbasa, creme fraiche and a garnish of cilantro. I did not hear any complaints. The Jarrahdale pumpkin is the best tasting pumpkin I’ve grown so far. Bright orange color flesh with mild sweet pumpkin…

baked butternut squash and sweet potatoes

Bake 5 sweet potatoes at 400*F til slightly soft (about 15 min).Peel 2 butternut squashes. Cut into 1 inch cubes. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake in a large casserole dish 30 min at 400*.Peel sweet potatoes, cube, add to squash and mix. Sprinkle with brown sugar and dot with butter. Bake covered 30-45 min at about 375*.