mystery squash

I have a mystery squash that’s sprouted under my garden rake – right in the middle of my garden path. I don’t think it will shade any other plants here, so it is still growing so far. I have no idea what it is. What do you think it is? Looks like a cucumber to me. I love the mystery of an unknown plant (though of course it’s something I grew last year).

butternut squash harvest

My squash box is FULL! From 6 plants that I trained up and over my trellis, I got a total of 17 squash, adding up to 44 lbs. That’s about 3 squash per plant. The biggest squash is 4.4 lbs and the smallest is 1.4.

pumpkins on the doorstep

I bought these pumpkins at the supermarket. They’re not home home grown…. (but the supermarket is local) It just takes up so much space to grow pumpkins. Even though I love them. I’ve been really pleased with my garden’s production of butternut squash routinely. But when I grow pumpkins in my small space, sometimes they produce well, sometimes they don’t. Always they take up a LOT of space. I gave my pumpkin seedlings to my parents this year for their big garden. They got many pumpkins, but not really so…

summer squash bread

I have a fridge full of summer squashes. Zucchini, yellow and a green patty pan this year. Our Friday night dessert is a warm out-of-the-oven summer squash bread. To use extra squashes (tonight I added an extra cup of grated squash to the recipe), I added some spelt flour (whole wheat would be the same) to my favorite summer squash bread recipe. And a bit of molasses, too. Serve with your local rum, ahh.

fading summer plants

A number of my summer plants are fading now. The potato plants have all turned brown and I have cut off most. It will take me several weeks to dig them all, but once the bed is harvested, I will add compost and then plant garlic here in early October. All of my summer squashes are at different stages of succumbing to fungi and root borers. I remove leaves when they yellow or turn white with mildew. The Zephyr squash in the photo has been wilted for a week and…

volunteer squash

Here’s the fruit on the volunteer squash plant that came up in the middle of my onion patch. Looks yummy! A big buttercup. Another one is forming now. The vine is enormous. I think I may save seeds from these vigourous squashes. (Then I can pant them where I want them next year.)

mystery squash

A big volunteer pumpkin/squash plant appeared early this season in the middle of my onion bed. I was thinking it was likely a pumpkin, and since I had brought all my pumpkin seedlings to my parents garden, I thought I’d let it grow. Its always fun to have a mystery plant. The vine has now overtaken the onion bed (I’m cutting off a few leaves here and there to give the onions sunlight), and is running into the sweet potatoes on one side and potatoes on the other. It has…