fading summer plants

Squashes, Watching the Seasons

fading squash 082

A number of my summer plants are fading now.

The potato plants have all turned brown and I have cut off most. It will take me several weeks to dig them all, but once the bed is harvested, I will add compost and then plant garlic here in early October.

All of my summer squashes are at different stages of succumbing to fungi and root borers. I remove leaves when they yellow or turn white with mildew. The Zephyr squash in the photo has been wilted for a week and squashes are not setting. I’ll remove this plant soon and use its spot for fall root or greens seedlings. I have a young zucchini seedling that I will plant soon, but in a different spot. Somehow this one got left behind and still looks nice. Maybe I can have fall zucchini?

Other places now free for fall seedlings are the onion and scallion beds, the spring beet and carrot bed, and cabbage and radicchio beds.

I am hoping the tomato bed is not up for grabs soon, but if so, plenty of fall seedlings to plant there.

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