pumpkins on the doorstep



I bought these pumpkins at the supermarket. They’re not home home grown…. (but the supermarket is local)

It just takes up so much space to grow pumpkins. Even though I love them. I’ve been really pleased with my garden’s production of butternut squash routinely. But when I grow pumpkins in my small space, sometimes they produce well, sometimes they don’t. Always they take up a LOT of space.

I gave my pumpkin seedlings to my parents this year for their big garden. They got many pumpkins, but not really so big.

I am thinking to save seeds from all three of these. Especially the striped one. Then maybe I will go back on all I said above and grow a big pumpkin patch in my garden next year. What fun.

I noticed this morning that the squirrel has tasted each of the pumpkins. A little bite out of each. Fortunately not more than one bite. There must be better food out there for now. By November, the squirrels will tunnel through to get to the seeds. I am planning to use at least the red one for myself (pumpkin bread or pie) and will bring it inside if it looks like it is at risk of being eaten by wildlife.

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