Halloween pumpkins

My mom has been asking me what to do with pumpkins. I like to keep them out for decoration until Halloween and then start cooking with them. Pumpkin bread and pumpkin soup are my favorites.

first pumpkin

Is there a good way to know when pumpkins are ready to pick? I usually pick when they are deep orange or the stem is hardened.

mixed up pumpkins and squashes

I raised many varieties of pumpkins, squashes, cucumbers and winter squashes from seeds this year and it seems I did a bad job of labeling…. Pumpkins: New England Pie, Long Island Cheese, Baby Pam, Galeaux, Orange Giant, and Rouge vif d’Etampes Winter squash: Lakota, Buttercup, Waltham Butternut, Delicata The giant pumpkins I gave my parents grew into yellow summer squash, cucumbers ended up in the middle of the pumpkin bed, and giant 80 pound pumpkins are now hanging from my parents’ little mesh garden fence. I can’t think of how…

mystery squashes

This year I have a bunch of squash-type plants that volunteered in my community garden plot. One of them sprouted from my compost bin, and is growing out of my fence and into the path. No fruits yet. I am curious to see what it will produce. The others are a clump of three plants in the far corner of the plot where my compost bin was last year. They are BIG plants that sprouted early. The fruits are forming and look like Big Rock pumpkins.

young melon seedlings

I tucked my melons under the garlic this year. It’s my third year trying (unsuccessfully so far) to get a fully grown ripe melon. I think this will be the year. The garlic will come out in a few weeks and then the melons can have free run. I’m going to find tomato supports for each hill of melons. I have 7 varieties / 7 hills this year: Melon, Charantais, Savor F1Melon, Charantais, Edonis F1Melon, Anne ArundelMelon, San JuanWatermelon, Ice Box MickeyleeWatermelon, YellowWatermelon, Red Sugar Baby It seems to me…

sprouting sweets and saving squash seeds

Today, I finally remembered to bring my small (finger-sized) sweet potatoes upstairs to see if the warmer temperature will get them to sprout. (I left the big ones downstairs to keep for eating.) I’d like to get the sweet potatoes to sprout soon. They start off slow. Also, I roasted a nice buttercup squash from my local CSA and couldn’t resist saving a few of the fat seeds. It is a nice variety with thick orange flesh that tasted great and kept very well until now. Even though squashes do…

pumpkins on the doorsteps

When Skippy and I walked around the neighborhood yesterday, I brought my camera and took pictures of the pumpkins. I just love seeing pumpkins on doorsteps. One of the houses we walked by had big bunches of onions drying in the doorway too. All the fruits of the season – and its been a really great season for growing vegetables. I will have to add a photo of my pumpkins on my doorsteps. Soon.