tiny pumpkin plants


pumpkin plants

Tiny for now. But something tells me not for long. I tried to leave lots of space for these guys. I have a fun mix of pumpkins and winter squash this year: Jarrahdale, Long Island Cheese, Galeux D Eysines, Baby Pam, and Waltham Buttternut. (My traditional Big Rock pumpkin seeds didn’t spout.)

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  • Not so much a comment as a question. I noticed you mounded up the soil around the plants. Was there any particular reason? I'm growing squashes and pumpkins for the first time so I thought I'd ask. 🙂

  • Like a raised bed, a mound of dirt gives more surface for the sun to shine on it and warm the soil. Squashes and pumpkins like the soil as warm as it can get.

    The hills also help with drainage and lets you see where the little plants are so you don't step on them.

  • nice!

    i'm trying Long Island Cheese myself this year. They are a good looking variety.

  • Very cool! To me, pumpkins and melons are the ultimate triumph in the garden. I havent gotten one yet..how far apart are these spaced in your photo?

  • Ah!
    okay. that makes sense. Here Maybe I shouldn't do that. It's 44 Deg C here in the day and about 35 at night. We're really reeling under this weather and all the tomato plants have died.
    Global warming… is scary. a couple of weeks ago the papers reported the paints on the roads melting. 😮

    Thanks again for the bit of information!


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