pumpkin weight


Jeepers. It turns out the weight of my “giant” pumpkin is only 10.4 lbs…. 🙁 Well, it certainly looks more like a 20 lb pumpkin to me.

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  • Kathy – Great pumpkin! I was wondering if you picked it right after it turned orange or did you let it grow on the vine longer?

    I have one that has turned and two that are just starting and I am not really sure what to do with them. I have not tapped it to see if it is hollow yet as it is dark out know but I will try this tomorrow.

  • It was pretty much all orange so I picked it. I did not let it stay in the vine longer. But I’m not sure if this was the best to do. Maybe someone else knows.

  • 10 pounds seems pretty big to me! That’s bigger than a newborn baby

  • There’s good point of reference. Its more than three times bigger than my baby was!!! But then, I did have a small one. (He sure didn’t stay small very long… but that’s another story.)


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