Skippy and the great pumpkin

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sam cuts the stem
pumpkin sam carries the pumpkin
skippy and the great pumpkin by the garden
skippy and the great pumpkin by the garden 2 me and the great pumpkin 2
the pumpin is in skippy's spot pumpkin by the door
skippy and pumpkin by the door 4

For years I have been trying to grow a giant pumpkin. I am so pleased to harvest this beauty today! Here it is. Fully documented with photos.

The variety is Big Rock, seeds are from Johnny’s. I grew four plants – two at my community plot and two at home. Only one fruit set – this one! It bloomed in late July at my community plot, grew fast, then turned orange this week. It was resting a rock and got a bit scarred on one side before a fellow gardener recommended I put foam pads under it.

Today I noticed it was fully orange and sounded hollow when thumped. So my son helped me harvest it. Skippy was a bit peeved when I put it in HIS spot on the car seat. SO he sat on it. I don’t know why he couldn’t just use the other seat…

I haven’t weighed it yet. It won’t break any records besides my personal one. I’ll add the weight and circumference as soon as I can. This variety averages just under 20 lbs.

I’d like to save this pumpkin until Thanksgiving. I was reading about curing pumpkins for long storage. It seems they do best when cured in the field at 80-85F and high humidity for 10-20 days. But they shouldn’t have full sun during this time. I’ll try putting it out in my side garden under the tomato vines for a week or so. Then it is supposed to go to a cool dry area. That will be my basement until the weather cools down. With proper curing, pumpkins keep for 2-3 months.

Hopefully I can use this one as decoration on my door step once the weather cools down. For Thanksgiving, I’d like to make pumpkin soup served in the pumpkin rind. I did this several years ago and it was delicious. One challenge is the curing and storage. Another, I’m planning to go to Arizona for Thanksgiving. Hmmm….. I wonder if it will fit in my luggage?
Pumpkin — Cucurbitaceae spp.

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