pumpkin and gourds on the steps


gourds on the steps

I’m showing off my big pumpkin and three gourds! All from my garden (ooops – Skippy’s Garden). I love to see them sitting out on my front steps – bright and cheerful. Happy Autumn!

Pumpkin (Cucurbitaceae spp.)

Decorative gourds

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  • Nice pumpkin! Wish I had mine. I had 2 big ones, one for me, one for my neighbor. They were stolen from our community garden plot. I guess people don’t care how hard others work! My neighbor even put a lock on her fence! I hope it was kids and not adults who did this!

  • Sorry to hear about your pumpkins 🙁

    I have a lock on my garden gate too. Our community gardens occasionally have items stolen – squashes, flowers, compost, etc. People without locks hide their big pumpkins under garden debris while they are growing. Its too bad to have to worry about this.

  • Wow, fantastic gourds. Are you going to make a bird hose with them?

    P.S. Nice to see Skippy’s garden again.

  • HI Ottowa,

    Yes I have bird house plans.

    I’ve read the gourds need to dry thoroughly, til spring I think, before openings are cut. I hope to hang several on a pole together.

    I am concerned the little one here may have frosted before I picked it and it may not dry well. It has some spots that may be rot. But I have another big one with a narrow neck ripening on the vine still.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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