photos of my garden plot

    Here are a few pictures of what’s growing now in my community garden plot. My lettuce is finally looking good. I have lots of oak leaf coming along. I can start tinning this soon. At home, I have smaller lettuce seedlings that are looking good too: mostly Prizehead, escarole and red romaine. Other greens growing include: red bok choy (I think), mizuna, escarole frisee, spinach and arugula. The broccoli is forming its second set of heads now that the weather has cooled off. Some of these are quite…

my plot on last day of summer

Lucky I have the giant sunflowers and big purple hyacinth beans this year, because right now, there’s not much else going on in my garden plot. Well I do have a big patch of basil, a patch of sweet potatoes that I really have high hopes for, and nice chiles. But not much else. The beans all succumbed to the beetles. It was a terrible year for beans in all plots at our community garden. I have empty pole bean tepees and empty shell bean beds where I had to…

my garden after vacation

I love exploring my garden after being away. Every bed has surprises. Especially the squash beds! I will have to get my squash bread recipe out to use the big ones I discovered. (Or sneak them over to the compost bin…) I have an enormous Long Island Cheese pumpkin already. Must be about 1 foot diameter. Also a couple other types of pumpkins. My popcorn needs fertilizer. I meant to do this before vacation, but ran out of time. It is 5 feet tall now, and tasseling. The ears will…

my plot

These are photos of my garden plot that I took last week before I left on vacation.

my community plot

I am gradually turning the beds on the west side of my plot that were seeded with cover crops and layered with manure over the winter. These rich soils will be planted with squashes and corn soon. The east side of my plot has unammended soils this year. These beds are planted already with lots of roots (carrots, beets, onions, garlic, radish etc). Also peas and fava beans. Soon I will plant beans. I am planning to do a lot with beans this year. I have a seeds for bush…

spring at my plot

These photos are from Sunday. I was excited to see all the plants starting to grow. My little red tulip is in full bloom. Daffodil buds are coming up. The rhubarb is poking up. Garlic looks nice after the long winter. I couldn’t see any pea sprouts, so I dug up a seed. They’re coming along. I bet they’ll be up in a couple days. No asparagus sprouts yet. I did a bit of garden work. We brought a few loads of horse manure and spread it on the beds…

my frozen garden

All the greens are frozen now. No more escarole or bok choy. Only my little patch of kale is still edible.

photos of my garden plot

escarole and winter radish kale, fava beans, Boston lettuce, red romaine and spinach asparagus, red cabbage and parsnips savoy cabbage and mixed fall greens My raised beds are beginning to look clean and organized again after the profusion of plants that overtook them this summer. The garlic is planted and covered with a layer of salt hay. Most of the old plant debris has been added to the compost bin. I layered compost and fresh manure on a couple beds and seeded cover crops in this. Its coming up nicely…