photos of my garden plot

Community Garden Plot, Photos of my Gardens

plot 1
escarole and winter radish
kale spinach, red romaine and fava beans
kale, fava beans, Boston lettuce, red romaine and spinach
asparagus parsnips
asparagus, red cabbage and parsnips
carrots and cabbage fall greens
savoy cabbage and mixed fall greens

My raised beds are beginning to look clean and organized again after the profusion of plants that overtook them this summer. The garlic is planted and covered with a layer of salt hay. Most of the old plant debris has been added to the compost bin. I layered compost and fresh manure on a couple beds and seeded cover crops in this. Its coming up nicely in the mild weather.

Several beds still have things growing, waiting for harvest. Parsnips should be getting sweet by now. I checked one and it was very good a few weeks ago. I’ll pull the rest soon. The greens are good this year. I like the Fall Greens Mix from Sand Hill. And the Red Romaine from Ohio Heirloom seeds (a free packet for testing).

I don’t know what’s going on with the fava beans. They were planted in early spring, and keep on flowering and producing pods. I got tired of eating them, but they’re good for the soil so I left them in. Since the seeds are expensive, I’m hoping to collect some to plant next year.

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  • Kathy, you have such lovely garden, and so many different vegetables growing…
    You beds do look very organized and clean!

  • they do look very organized!
    I had a question about the asparagus, I've heard it is a biennial, so do you plant a new crop every year so next year you have some?

  • Your garden cleanup is turning out nicely. How late into fall do you typically harvest? It amazes me how much you have left to harvest!


  • I just discovered your blog today by searching for patty pams and so glad I did! It's wonderful. laura xx

  • Hi Kathy, lovely to see pics of what you still have in the garden. With your parsnips, how do you know when to harvest them? Can they get to a point where they've gone too far? Mine have been in since late autumn and it is now spring here in NZ, some look like they are going to seed but they aren't very big underground? Have planted more so any advice would be welcomed.
    Love your blog, Thanks Lauren

  • See Cathy … might have been a bad cool year for tomatoes but it didn't have hot weather that kills off the favas. Every gardening year is different.


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