my plot

Garden notes: Very late peppers and tomatoes. And small onions. That’s from planting outside too early this spring into my cold frame. An experiment. As usual, my garden plot is way overgrown – I like to squeeze in as much as I can. Beautiful popcorn, potatoes, garlic and eggplants. It may be a good year for my melons finally – fingers crossed as they continue to ripen and grow.

flowers in my vegetable garden

A mix of weed, annual and vegetable flowers are decorating my community plot. The blue ones are bachelor buttons (seeds from Botanical Interests) that I planted two years ago. They self-seeded this year and are big beautiful plants already. The white flowers are bladder campion weeds. There are also marigolds, violas and johnny jump-up’s. The potatoes and fava beans are budded and will pop open any day now. Lemon thyme and a pink old rose are in full bloom. Other flowers are yet to come. I planted nasturtium seeds this…

my plot

On Saturday, I spent most of the day gardening at my community plot. It was warm and overcast. With a week of rain arriving the next day, it was a perfect day to transplant seedlings and plant carrot seeds. Skippy hung out under the lilac tree and I: – finished preparing the soil in the last 3 beds – weeded the garlic – spread salt hay in the rest of my paths – planted 3 types of carrots seeds: Mokum, Kyoto Red, and Bolero – transplanted a perennial flower called…

Belmont Victory Gardens

Still deep snow in the community garden plots. But at least it has compressed enough so we can walk on it. Skippy and I walked in to look at my plot for the first time in two months. Its still snow covered. Except around the compost bin.

my community plot on Christmas Eve

Skippy and I walked around the Belmont Community Gardens yesterday. My plot is snow covered. Lots of little critter prints in the snow. The big redtail hawk watched overhead from the tall elm. Nearly dark at 3 pm. We are watching the forecasts for a big storm bringing a foot of snow tomorrow.

red-tailed hawk guarding my plot

There’s a big hawk sitting in the ash tree right next to my community garden plot the past few days. I’m guessing a female red-tailed hawk. Probably the same one I’ve seen in this area for years. I’m glad to see her watching over the plots. I know there are very many rodents (and rabbits) in there. I recently saw this Red-tail photo in the Boston Globe. The hawk caught and ate a pigeon amidst the holiday shoppers downtown. They are everywhere in the winters here.

my community plot

We got a lot of work done on Sunday in my community garden plot. My son helped me, for a fee. We had fun conversation and accomplished a lot. First, we pulled the last of the corn stalks and giant sunflowers. I put the sunflower heads on the fence for the birds to finish. They were mostly empty, but had a few seeds left. We pulled the old basil, eggplant, squash and pepper plants. I picked a nice batch of cayenne peppers to dry for winter. Then we moved the…