flowers in my vegetable garden

Community Garden Plot, Photos of my Gardens

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A mix of weed, annual and vegetable flowers are decorating my community plot. The blue ones are bachelor buttons (seeds from Botanical Interests) that I planted two years ago. They self-seeded this year and are big beautiful plants already.

The white flowers are bladder campion weeds. There are also marigolds, violas and johnny jump-up’s. The potatoes and fava beans are budded and will pop open any day now. Lemon thyme and a pink old rose are in full bloom.

Other flowers are yet to come. I planted nasturtium seeds this week. The sunflower seeds I planted a couple weeks ago are 2 inch sprouts now – on their way up to 15 feet or so. I also have zinnia, cosmos, Canterbury bells, anise hyssop, borage, prairie aster, purple cone flower, trilobia, lavender and day lily plants growing.

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