April to August

Back in April of this year, I was assigned a plot at my local community garden. A high point for me. A new garden is an empty canvas, a new adventure, and a lot of work. Now its August. Four months have gone by very fast. It seems like a good time to put together a series of photos and see what’s what. Late June and early July were a time of rapid growth, lush and green. I was harvesting nice heads of lettuce, big radish, lots of fava beans,…

aerial of my community plot

This is as high up as I can reach with my camera to get an “aerial” photo. Its another dark wet day and so I did my best to enhance the lighting with PhotoShop. How about those ugly tomato plants. Arrgh! Not many leaves left. Septoria leaf spot is way out of control this year. I continue to dig potatoes from the open area at the right. Lots of them! I have a small area where I have dug all the potatoes and so I planted radish and carrots seeds…

garden in the rain

We’ve gotten stuck in a wet weather pattern for most of this week. I’m curious to check out my rain gauge at my community plot. Most of my vegetables love this weather and are growing like crazy! If I skip a day of going by my plot, I appalled at how much plants have grown. My potato plants are enormous! And the peas. The favas, onions and carrots seem to enjoy it too.

my community garden plot

I completed several tasks this weekend at my garden plot: I transplanted half of my broccoli plants from my shady home garden to the sunny plot and covered these with row cover. I planted pole beans (green and cranberry type shell) on the east fence, planted a few more zucchini, watermelon and winter squash seedlings, planted cilantro seeds that I saved from last year, filled in the soy bean row with a few more seeds, and added some purchased eggplant seedlings to the potato bed. I also weeded, cultivated and…

“aerial” view of my plot

Again I survived perching on the tall thin tree stump for an aerial view of my new community garden plot. A few plants are now starting to grow. I have planted seeds for fava beans, carrots and parsnips. Also onion sets and potatoes. Today I transplanted some small beets, lettuce and onions that I raised from seed in pots under lights at home. I think everything in my plot will be from seed this year.

nothing but mud still

I went over to check on my community plot today. No sprouts yet. I looked close, but no carrot or parsnip or onion or potato sprouts. Just mud. We’ve have a lot of rain and cool (40-50F) weather this week. The only new thing at the plot is the cute (silly?) little plastic wheelbarrow and a hose that I just bought.

plot aerial

I thought I was going to fall and kill myself, but no, I survived perching on a tall thin stump to take this photo. I think from this view you get a good sense of the plot and surroundings. You can see the meadow to the right. The surrounding plots. And you can see all of my plot. I have now finished turning the soil, and I’ve marked out the plot perimeter, doorway and the beds. Now I have to try to stay away from the plot for a few…

photos of my new plot

Here are photos of my plot from all angles. (Plus the plot’s guard dog.) My plot is just bordered by rocks so far. (My rock garden.) I hope to put up a new fence this weekend. I’ve turned about 2/3 of the soil so far. We went to the plot early this morning to do an hour of digging. I had to tug on Skippy to get him to leave. He’s quite at home there. He got a bad stomach ache from eating too much grass around the plot on…