my garden plot in the snow

On this last day of the year, Skippy, Steve and I walked though our community garden plots and the adjacent fields and woods. We got about 7 inches of snow yesterday – our first real snow of the season. Everything was beautiful. Bright blankets of white, song sparrows and chickadees out and about, and lots of dogs and their people out enjoying it all.

fall vegetable garden

These are photos of my vegetable garden plot today. “Before” the storm. I am hearing reports that we may have a “super storm” coming our way in a couple of days. Wind and rain. I think most of my vegetables will be OK with this. There’s really not much left to blow around. The tall sunflowers and trellised squashes are gone. Today I cut down my asparagus ferns and laid them flat on the bed to protect the roots during the winter. Tomorrow I will dig the dahlia tubers, harvest…

wet and rainy

For the past 2 weeks we have had rainy, damp, cool and cloudy weather. My front lawn is growing mushrooms. These photos are from last week (taken with my waterproof camera), but the garden still looks the same – wet. Its great for the fall crops. I’ve been waiting for a dry day to work my garlic bed. Last Friday was dry, and I got time to plant my cold frame. Then we had a dry day on Monday and i was able to spread a few nice wheelbarrows full…

July photos of my gardens

This is my side yard garden. The beds are getting sun about 11 am to 2:30 pm now because of trees to the east and west. But is is really sheltered and warm here, especially in the open cold frame against the south wall of the house. And this is my community plot – with completely full sun.

garden helpers

I had some super helpers in my garden this past weekend. My niece and nephew harvested, weeded, fertilized and watered the garden for me!!! Their harvest was peas, lettuce, mustard, herbs and rhubarb. I love it when kids are so excited about the garden. These kids ate peas fresh off the vine, they showed me which crops needed fertilizer. They picked the oldest lettuce and mustard plants for me. And it seems like they know the names of everything. Thanks for helping!

photos of my community garden plot this week

Its a super year for the garden so far. My potatoes are growing really fast. I planted them a few weeks ago in trenches and then last week and leveled the soil around the growing the plants. This coming week I will mound up the soil around the plants. Onions and lettuce are doing well. And I have a nice patch of sweet potatoes. I planted a couple of Butternut squashes at the base of my new garden arbor – looking forward to seeing big squashes hanging down later this…

photos of my plot

This weekend, I planted bunch of seedlings. Broccoli, parsnips, carrots, beets, bok choy, radicchio, and onions. I see that several plants from last year reseeded: bachelor buttons, borage and dill. I also planted a bed of potatoes and expanded my asparagus bed.

my community garden plot

Pretty quiet at my garden plot now. The parsnips I planted too late are still in the ground and still too small. The only action is the garlic. I planted this very late too. Tiny sprouts are just poking up in the cracking soil. Its another winter like 2007 with no snow and mild weather (my favorite type of winter!!!). I was looking back at my records from previous gardens. We were knee-deep last year, but 5 years ago was very much like this year. I like this quote that…

my community plot

Photos of my community garden plot this weekend. I finished planting my garlic this weekend. Another balmy warm day. I got just over 100 cloves in the ground. The leeks, cilantro and beets are still growing. I’ll check again next weekend.