wet and rainy

Community Garden Plot, Photos of my Gardens

wet spider web
wet fall garden plot

For the past 2 weeks we have had rainy, damp, cool and cloudy weather. My front lawn is growing mushrooms. These photos are from last week (taken with my waterproof camera), but the garden still looks the same – wet. Its great for the fall crops.

I’ve been waiting for a dry day to work my garlic bed. Last Friday was dry, and I got time to plant my cold frame. Then we had a dry day on Monday and i was able to spread a few nice wheelbarrows full of compost on my still unplanted garlic bed. I was hopping to plant garlic today, but its raining now. Not sure I want to work in the mud. I will probably just stop by my plot and check on it, with my raincoat and waterproof camera….

fall peas wet fall garden plot 2

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