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Community Garden Plot, Photos of my Gardens

october vegetable garden plot 012
october vegetable garden plot 021 october vegetable garden plot 016
october vegetable garden plot 015
october vegetable garden plot 009

These are photos of my vegetable garden plot today. “Before” the storm. I am hearing reports that we may have a “super storm” coming our way in a couple of days. Wind and rain.

I think most of my vegetables will be OK with this. There’s really not much left to blow around. The tall sunflowers and trellised squashes are gone. Today I cut down my asparagus ferns and laid them flat on the bed to protect the roots during the winter. Tomorrow I will dig the dahlia tubers, harvest the big cabbages, and the last of my broccoli. I haven’t finished digging the sweet potatoes, but they will be fine with wind and rain. Most everything that’s left now is pretty well hunkered down under a layer of hay. I will stack the chairs and put a big rock on them and lie my garden tools flat.

I am hoping the storm doesn’t do much damage to anyone.

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