photos of my community garden plot this week

Community Garden Plot, Photos of my Gardens

plot 080
plot 081
potatoes 035 plot 057
plot 055 plot 026
plot 019

Its a super year for the garden so far. My potatoes are growing really fast. I planted them a few weeks ago in trenches and then last week and leveled the soil around the growing the plants. This coming week I will mound up the soil around the plants. Onions and lettuce are doing well. And I have a nice patch of sweet potatoes. I planted a couple of Butternut squashes at the base of my new garden arbor – looking forward to seeing big squashes hanging down later this season. I have a double row of perennial Daisies seedlings that I grew from seed. I’d like to plant these in my front yard next year after they size up. The garlic in some garden plots here is staring to scape, but mine is behind a bit – no scrapes yet. I have a few little strawberries on my two plants – its the first year I’ve grown strawberries. I have 12 tomato seedlings this year, half here and half in my garden at home. They are starting to grow a bit and the cherry tomatoes are blooming.

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