photos of my vegetable plot

Community Garden Plot, Photos of my Gardens

plot 029
plot 031 plot 030
plot 026 plot 027
plot 034

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  • Oh, Bravo!!!! It is just sensational – you should be so proud! (Mine is wet wet wet but I did pick some golden cherry tomatoes and lettuce for a great BLT.)

  • Your garden is something to aspire to! It's so organized and green! Everything looks like it's growing great!

  • What a gorgeous garden! And I don't see any weeds! Wow!

  • Just beautiful. What pest control do you use? I am trying companion planting and it works okay but I still have lots of pests.

  • The weeds are all in a giant (taller than me right now) compost pile, that doesn't show in any of these photos.

    Pest controls I use:
    1. Crop rotation.
    2. Good soil. If plants are growing vigorously, they can generally out grow pests.
    2. Pull out and give up on crops that get pests and try planting it somewhere else next year.
    3. Row covers, especially for cabbage worms and flea beetles on broccoli, cabbage, kale, though for some reason I haven't needed these the past 2 years.
    4. I tried copper sulfate spray last year to delay late blight and it gave me an extra tomato or two.
    5. I put stockings over my apples to keep away apple maggots.
    6. For squash stem borers, nothing, I just ignore it. They are terrible things.

  • Marian (LondonUK)
    July 25, 2010 5:24 PM

    Beautiful, so pretty and then tasty to follow! I have just come back from a mammoth 5 hour session, pleased to see growth after a little rain. Early potatoes not up to much though, shame but gives us a lesson in not being able to control everything all the time, plus there was a lovely lot of Butterflies, Essex Browns I believe. When I am about to give up, I look at your pictures and pick those tools right up, thanks.
    Marian (LondonUK)

  • Nice Garden!!!!

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  • Sounds like a very good time of the year for your garden. What an attractive and productive vegetable garden.

  • I read about and tried this year, the tip about wrapping the stem of the plants with tin foil to keep the vine borers from laying eggs on them. You also bury a little of the foil below the soil line. It has seemed to do the trick, as I haven't lost a single plant, and I did see the moth in my garden a few times. (was unable to catch them). Of course now that I have said that, I probably loose a couple of plants. You might want to try that next year.

  • Tin foil sounds like a good idea. How far up the stem do you wrap. I would think about 10 inches? (I wish I had some green tin foil…)

  • I am GREEN with envy! *nyucknuck*

    Seriously though, I am inspired!


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