tomato box

I love a full tomato box! I find that almost all of the green ones will ripen eventually. I keep the reddest ones at the top, greener ones at the bottom. I think I will make a red sauce soon with the ripening Roma tomatoes. I brought my Mom a few slicers today. She wanted a couple that would be ripe in a few days.

canning tomatoes

I bought 25 lbs of local tomatoes at the Farmer’s Market, added a few of mine and canned 11 quart jars. Recipe: – Peel tomatoes after scorching in boiling water 1 minute. Slit and remove seeds. Slice in food processor with 1/4 inch blade. – Clean quart canning jars in dishwasher. Boil lids and rings in water on the stove. – Pack tomatoes in jars to 1/2 inch of the top. (I added a small chili pepper to half of the jars.) Clean rims. Apply lids and rings. After tightening…

late blight hit my tomatoes

Today I found definite late blight lesions on my tomatoes. Several of them. Even on fruit. Sad. I removed all of the lesions and bagged them in plastic. I will leave the bag out in the sun for a few days to heat kill the pathogen, then I’ll dispose of it in my home trash. I also removed all of the larger tomatoes that seemed close to ripening. I’ll rinse them and let them ripen at home. I’ve been spraying with copper fungicide, so today after removing infected leaves, I…

late blight

I just got back from spraying my tomato plants. We had a little rain yesterday and I’ve been spraying with a copper fungicide after every rain to protect against late blight. My plants look really good this year, so I’m hoping for a good harvest before the blight comes in. The latest info on tomato blight is at this site: Late blight was spotted early this year, July 3, in some commercial tomato fields near my garden and in other parts of the New England. But it seems that…

comparing tomato planting dates from previous years

Yesterday I transplanted 6 tomato seedlings to my side yard garden. Its been so warm this spring that it seems like tomato planting time already to me. Temperatures the past 2 weeks have been in the 70s and 80s, nighttime lows staying up near 50*F. The forecast is for a week of rainy weather in the 60’s – perfect for tomato roots to take hold and grow. I plan to plant another 6 plants out at my community plot. I will try to wait until mid May to be safe…

tomato cages

I have a stack of bright new tomato cages on my patio waiting to be used. I haven’t ever used cage before, but these new colorful ones are hard to resist.

tomato spots

I have every type of spot on my tomatoes this year – except late blight, thank goodness. Big spots, small ones, orange and brown and black. The damage is pretty much limited to the fruits and is not on the leaves or stems of the plants. Its been perfect weather for fungi this summer – hot and humid. But I think much of my problem is that I planted my tomato plants too dense and between tall popcorn and sunflowers that reduce airflow. Other gardeners in our community garden have…

today’s tomato harvest

I picked a bunch of green tomatoes to ripen inside. I gave half to my mom and this is my half. The plants are still up in the garden and look fine, though the tomatoes aren’t growing much any more. There’s not much light left as the sun has fallen below the neighboring house.

today’s harvest – cukes and tomatoes

My mom emailed and asked if I was OK. She said there were no entries on my blog since last Monday! I’m caught! Well, the garden is still growing and I’m fine I told her. Just one of those weeks where the job kind of takes over everything else. But I do have a bunch of garden things to catch up on. My larder is filling up. My fall lettuce is doing well. And I’m looking forward to a fun day of digging sweet potatoes very soon. Today’s harvest is…