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canned tomatoes
tomatoes in a box tomatoes ready for canning
I bought 25 lbs of local tomatoes at the Farmer’s Market, added a few of mine and canned 11 quart jars.

– Peel tomatoes after scorching in boiling water 1 minute. Slit and remove seeds. Slice in food processor with 1/4 inch blade.
– Clean quart canning jars in dishwasher. Boil lids and rings in water on the stove.
– Pack tomatoes in jars to 1/2 inch of the top. (I added a small chili pepper to half of the jars.) Clean rims. Apply lids and rings. After tightening rings fully release 1/2 turn to allow pressure to escape.
– Place packed jars in large pot with rack so they are not sitting on the bottom of the pot. (About 5-8 jars per pot.) Fill with water to 2 inches over the top of jars.
– Heat water to 190*F slowly, over 1.5 hours. Maintain heat at 190*F for 30 min.
– Remove and cool jars. Check for seal.

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