late blight hit my tomatoes

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Today I found definite late blight lesions on my tomatoes. Several of them. Even on fruit. Sad.

I removed all of the lesions and bagged them in plastic. I will leave the bag out in the sun for a few days to heat kill the pathogen, then I’ll dispose of it in my home trash.

I also removed all of the larger tomatoes that seemed close to ripening. I’ll rinse them and let them ripen at home.

I’ve been spraying with copper fungicide, so today after removing infected leaves, I sprayed the plants again. I suspect the blight will expand this week and expect I will be pulling the plants early next week. Sad.

The good side is I did get a nice harvest. I had a really super Purple Calabash plant this year. And I’ll have more room for my fall seedlings.

Next year, I’m doing resistant varieties.

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