tomato soil test day 7

Looks to me like the “sub soil”, the soil underneath my beds may be the problem. I did a soil test on this prior to plating and knew it was lacking in nutrients: pH 5.9, P very low(1.6), K low (63), Ca very low (500), Mg low (46), Sulfur good (14.2). Maybe its not a toxic chemical in the soil or a virus, but could be the lack of nutrients? I fertilized once this season with granulated GardenTone, but think I will try a few treatments with a liquid compost…

tomato soil test day 5

This is the test result at day 5. Seedlings are sprouting in three of the four soils: tomato bed, compost and greens bed. I’ll give it more time before I make any conclusions.

did my soil cause the curled-up tomato leaves?

In addition to my fall planting, I also set up a test of my garden soils to try to figure out if a problem in the soil caused my curled-up tomato plants. I’d like to know for next year. I have lots of Siberian Red tomato seeds, so I planted these in four soil samples: 1. Tomato bed (this produced plants with curled leaved) 2. Sub-soil (lawn) 3. Purchased compost (same compost that went into the tomato bed) 4. Green’s bed (loam and compost from sources different than tomato bed)…

tomato planting time!

What a great day! Perfect planting weather. At my community garden today we distributed tomato seedlings that we raised at local greenhouse. Four varieties of late blight resistant tomatoes. About 350 plants distributed to 55 gardeners. Legend, Moutain Merit, Defiant and Jasper. Nice big seedlings. It was a good day to be a gardener! Or a tomato seedling….

late blight – arrgh!

I got a notice today that late blight appears to be in our area. Its within 200 miles away – in Franklin County, western MA. **#@&!!! *^&&%%*!! Map: At our community garden, we had such a bad experience with late blight last year that we contracted to have late blight resistant tomato seedlings grown for us by a local grower this spring. (I wish I could find the newspaper article link – another **%^$@!) Our garden is supplying a few organic pest controls to all gardeners. Now that late…

trellising tomatoes

This year I am trellising my tomatoes. I planted the seedlings very deep, then added 1-2 inch collars (for cutworm protection). The trellis stem is made up of two upright posts set into the ground 6 feet apart. Each post has a hole at the top. Through the two holes, I thread an 8 foot metal pole. Twine provides the support for the tomato plants. To set up the twine, I cut a length twice the height of the pole from the ground and laid this over the metal pole…

planning early for late blight

We had such a bad time with late blight at our community garden last year.  This year we will be distributing late blight resistant tomatoes to any of our gardeners who want to give them a try.  We have contracted to have 500 seedlings grown for us.  They will be grown locally by Sandra at Underwood Greenhouses, a old greenhouse (circa 1905) in Belmont. Sandra has purchased all of the seeds and is planning to begin planting in March (I think).  I am looking forward to photographing the process.  I…

late blight resistant tomato seed

Does anyone have experience with late blight resistant tomatoes? After all the problems we have had the past few years, we would like to provide our community gardeners with late blight resistant tomato seedlings next spring. I am looking into the best varieties. I am thinking of trying these: Defiant PhR (Johnny’s Seed) Mountain Magic (Johnny’s Seed) Plum Regal (Johnny’s Seed) Ferline (Thompson and Morgan) Legend (Reimer Seeds)