a baby tomato

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A baby tomato!!! Yes!! I get really jealous reading blogs of gardeners in other zones. Especially http://earlysnowdrop.blogspot.com/. I mean, holy cow, she already has tomatoes, and beans, and peppers, and squash ….. Well, my first tomato is now on the way. (If it doesn’t get washed away.) I am now sustaining the salad bowl with garden lettuce. The lettuce is unusual this year – it doesn’t have any bugs in it. No slugs, or miners, or crawly things. Maybe they’ve all been washed away? I won’t complain. I’m on my…

tomato flowers

Tomatoes are blooming! I found a website that says “It takes about 30 days from the time the tomatoes bloom until fruit is full-sized and ready to start ripening”. http://www.oznet.k-state.edu/hfrr/hnewslet/2002/ksht0222.htm I’ll be looking for fruit on July 20! Nothing like fresh tomoatoes. These blossums are my Supersonics. The Early Girls are in bloom, too. Solanum lycopersicum

my tomatoes are planted

The tomatoes are in the ground. 16 plants: 6 early girl, 6 supersonic, 2 red brandywine and 2 yellow brandywine. The ground still seems cold, but sun and warmer weather are forecast. I planted 6 eggplants in with the flowers in the border against the house, hoping they will stay warmer there.